?​We have the anti-plagiarism solution!

? Tired of having your precious contents stolen and scrapped?

? Fed up with having your content copied and pasted by other websites?

? We build the unique WordPress plugin on the market for anti-plagiarism !

? Get ready for it ! Watch our WordPress Demo plugin ! Try it !

? Pricing & licenses

SinglE prOtection

1 Lifetime license :  $49,00

  • 1 fully protected website
  • Unlimited pages !
  • One year full update.
  • One year live support.
Protect my Website

AGENCY solution

10 Lifetime licenses : $350,00

  • 10 fully protected websites
  • Unlimited pages !
  • One year full update
  • One year live support
Protect my clients


Unlimited :
On request

  • Contact us for custom-made developmments ? or Unlimited licences.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use ScrapyLeaks plugin ?

ScrapyLeaks is a tool for all website editors who wish to protect their content in the long term . Whether it is a showcase site, an e-commerce site or a PBN site, our solution will allow you to considerably limit (99%) the risks of plagiarism or copy/paste of your texts and SEO content. Our anti-plagiarism plugin will cover the tracks and block all attempts to steal content from your website.

What are the requirements to use ScrapyLeaks plugin ?

The requirements to use our plugin are: (Updated on May 17, 2022)

  • WordPress / WooCommerce site of any type!
  • Works perfectly if the WP site has no cache plugin installed.
  • 100% compatible only with the WP-ROCKET.ME cache plugin
  • Cloudfare compatible
  • We strongly recommend to use WP-ROCKET.ME

       Does not work (for now) with other caching plugins like: WP-super-cache; WP-Total-Cache; WP-Fasted-Cache; WP-Optimize...
What's included in ScrapyLeaks plugin ?

Our solution includes a plugin (for the moment) only compatible with WordPress ; a .zip file containing our application. It is a WP extension to be downloaded and installed in 2 clicks on your site after subscribing your license. A license key is required to identify the site to be protected and to make our plugin fully work. Our offer includes 1 year of updates, and the regular addition of new features. 1 year of support or help with settings are also included for an optimal use of our plugin!

How does it work ScrapyLeaks ?

ScrapyLeaks works on the basis of a WP plugin that can be downloaded and installed in 2 clicks. It is currently only available and functional on the WordPress CMS. Other systems and CMS will be accessible in the coming weeks and months. This WordPress plugin can be downloaded in .zip format and works with a paid license key that will be sent to you after your purchase. A human validation by our care is necessary to finalize the installation and the parameter setting of the plugin on your website.

Are there any risks to use ScrapyLeaks ?

Using a plugin that combines text offuscation and cloacking is not without risks with Google! Nevertheless we have a good battery of 20 test sites in progress over the last 10 months. They are all conclusive and very positive. We have not reported any indexing problems or SEO conflicts once the plugin has been installed and correctly set up on the website! On the contrary! It reinforces the uniqueness of your site's content over time while limiting exerpt scrapes or outright theft of your pages' content. You can even quickly spot who tried to copy/paste you in the SERPs! Very funny ?

Do you offer a trial for ScrapyLeaks ?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer a trial version. The beta testing period is over. Nevertheless, if you are not convinced, or if you want to see the plugin in action, or if you simply want a personalized demonstration of the plugin, we remain at your disposal to explain everything!